Polestar unveils its Porsche Taycan-rivalling 5 model without the disguise

Polestar has unveiled its new 5 model, a four-door GT positioned to compete directly with the Porsche Taycan. The Polestar 5 is expected to be a pure driver’s car, emphasizing sporty handling, quick acceleration, and a high top speed. It’s likely to be priced around USD 100,000 and is scheduled to arrive in late 2024. This model is anticipated to offer over 600 km (373 miles) of WLTP range, making it a strong contender in the electric vehicle market.

The exterior and interior of the Polestar 5 bear a strong resemblance to the Precept concept, which was presented in 2020. The Polestar 5 is a highly aerodynamic, four-door GT based on the Precept concept, but with a design that isn’t polarizing, maintaining the sleek, sporty, and athletic essence of the concept car. It features the same low and wide stance, voluptuous body, extremely short overhangs, tilted T-shaped split “Thor’s Hammer” headlights, and razor-sharp character lines.

However, there are subtle visual changes in the production version from the Precept concept. These include a raised hood height, a larger lower air intake, conventional mirrors replacing the thin mirrors, and front-hinged rear doors instead of rear-hinged ones. The large wheels that fill the arches, a standout feature of the original design, have been carried over to the production version.

In essence, the Polestar 5 aims to combine aerodynamic efficiency with a distinctive design and character, as part of its strategy to appeal to customers who value both performance and aesthetics in their electric vehicles【97†source】【98†source】.